BILLIARD SNOOKER TRAINING for Dependendants above 14 and Lady Members

From the desk of
Aman katyal
Chairman Billiards

Dear friends,

Roshanara has always been famous for its heritage value and one of the highlights of the heritage is the Billiiards Room of RCL . I became a members at the age of 18 because of Billiards and snooker .In those times accommodating dependents was a big task because we had just 1 table and only members were allowed to play on that . So just to get an opportunity to play snooker I became a member as soon as I was eligible.

Times have changed and now we have have two tables 3markers but sadly the attendance of the sport has significantly dropped down to a handful.

Maybe the sport has lost its popularity or the young generation is preferring other sports or maybe some of us still feel that accommodation and acceptance in the Billiiards room can still be a problem.

So to break the ice, our new Billiards subcommittee has taken an initiative to promote the sport by starting a Billiiards and snooker training programme for members , dependents (14+) and spouses . One of our old and experienced Marker has been shortlisted to train members .the classes will be held 3 days a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at a nominal cost of 750/- per month including taxes.

Timings 12pm to 5pm

It is a perfect opportunity for people who want to learn this elite sport and bring more energy inside the very prestigious Billiiards room of RCL. The training is personalised so only limited slots will be available on first come first basis .

Members interested in learning the sport are requested to contact the following
Marker – Bajrang +91 88604 08592
Marker – Ram Singh 95820 79286
Co chairman Ajit Pal Singh ‭+91 93124 06542‬
Co chairman Rahul Madan ‭+91 98100 16225‬
Secretary Rishab Jain ‭+91 99990 01794‬

For Billiiards Subcommittee
Chairman Aman Katyal 9999924788

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